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Who should come here?

  • The former athlete that wants to get back into shape but has nagging injuries.

  • The parent that has let themself go but has reached a point where they are serious about improving their mental, physical and emotional lives because they know it makes them a better parent.

  • The long time exerciser that has plateaued or has a repetitive injury that is affecting their training.

  • A current athlete that wants to increase their athletic performance.

  • Anyone stressed out, overworked, depressed, anxious, tired and aimless that needs a place to push them to grab their lives by the balls and make real change.

Strength & Conditioning

Our system creates long term strength and maximum conditioning by building your structure to keep you from getting injured so that you can keep training.  Our programming involves understanding how our nervous system plays a major role in our ability to build strength, increase our work capacity and live better lives.

Personal Training

Our personal training sessions involve focusing on recruiting your nervous system to get you into the best state possible to reduce your injuries and increase your mental, physical and emotional gains.  If you are looking for a sweat or to just have someone cheer for you while you workout.  Look somewhere else.


Do you struggle to gain strength and/or skill at certain movements? Do you have pain/difficulty with certain movements? We can help with physical assessments of your muscular imbalances and guidance with how to decrease and get rid of your imbalances and improve your health and performance.


If you’re looking for canned meals or recipes you’re looking in the wrong place.  This is about understanding the reasons why you make the food choices you make.  Listening to your nervous system and your body and working with your Circadian Rhythm to maximize health, strength, energy and fat loss. 




Matt Xavier

Police Officer

“For those of you who do not know me, I’m Matt. You may have seen my sarcastic bald ass wandering about the gym from time to time. And for those of you who are new or looking to join, grab a seat, I’ll try and keep this interesting.

For starters, I work as a police officer. Staying in shape or some variation of it was always a top priority of mine. Not to sound like a tool bag, I just didn’t want to become the typical fat donut eating cop who can’t run a mile to save his life. I’ve been working out for the better part of 15 years at this point. Between the 8 years I spent in the military, fire fighting, and the police academy, my back and knees are pretty much shot. On top of that, I’ve been lifting weights wrong THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME. As I’ve previously stated, I’m a cop. In summary, I sit in a car for the better part of 12 hours a day depending on the call volume. I wear roughly 15-20 pounds of equipment on my hips and a ballistic vest. It’s uncomfortable. It didn’t take long before I started developing chronic back problems from poor sitting and lifting posture. It wasn’t until one magical day that a friend of mine, Shanley, introduced us to Crossfit Furion.

I was hesitant at first, I don’t really like change. Especially a gym. I had a system which I thought was working for me. THOUGHT. My first day of class I learned I had been squatting wrong for the past 15 years. What the fuck dude? But I gave it a chance. It wasn’t what I was used to, as far as typical lifting goes. No “bro-sesh bicep curl days” here fellas. I learned how to actually lift. CORRECTLY. My wife as well. Secretly, she made me join and said she would beat me if I didn’t. Just kidding! But, she loves it just as much as I do. It’s a thing in our house.

Anyway, in early January 2018 I got into some shit at work and just wasn’t in a good place mentally. The coaches knew about it and they helped me get my head back on straight. It was a process but these people truly care. Furion is more than just a gym. It’s a family. I don’t know how thick your skin is but ball breaking is as fluent at Furion as the english language. Sorry, I got side tracked again. Since joining Furion, my back issues are essentially non-existent and for the chronic issues that don’t seem to want to fuck off, the coaches help me with rehab, or they’ll modify the workout. Without a doubt, I’d be broken if I continued to lift the way I was.

Let’s fast forward to 2020. Shitty year right? Right. Working out at home sucked. However, Furion kept it going as much as possible for the members. It was a struggle. We all had our doubts. Between COVID and work, my mental health was circling the drain. Yet once again, the coaches got me through it. Now, it’s the glorious year of 2021 and we’re back in the gym lifting heavy shit the way the good Lord intended!

In short, if you’re new to Old World Strong, keep working at it. Lifting gets easier. Carlo’s workouts don’t, unfortunately. For those who are thinking about joining, give it a shot. I p romise you won’t regret it!”



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