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Strength & Conditioning

As we stated on the homepage.  The first rule to building strength and work capacity is to not get injured.  Down time from injury is time you miss training and can’t get back.

So our goal is always to build your structure.  From the core out.  We use both the Internal Torque Chain and the External Torque Chain to create balance to make you resistant to injury.  We make you strong, because stronger people are dangerous and more useful in general.  We want to build your strength so you can enjoy life….not just get through it.  

Conditioning work should always build you up.  If your conditioning work leaves you toasted and run over like you got hit by a truck that is doing you a disservice.  Don’t get me wrong…it should be hard but you should always feel like you won the fight when you’re finished not like you got beat up.

Imagine taking the best aspects of CrossFit and adding more targeted strength training that includes Powerlifting, Strongman and even Bodybuilding.  Add in a method of training that truly incorporates your nervous system and you have Old World Strong.  We have evolved CrossFit to the next level.

Personal Training

Our group classes are designed to build better humans. Period. However if you don’t like the group atmosphere or if you have very specific goals in mind you can get in touch with us about our personal training program. This program uses the same methods as our group class but in a more focused environment.

We only allow a small number of people to participate in our personal training sessions so be sure you are ready to work hard. These sessions will also ask you to challenge your image of yourself to be able to break the walls that are holding you back.

If you are ready to change who you are for who you can become then personal training may be for you.


If you are not ready to try the personal training but you are looking to find out where you need the most help then the personal assessment is a good starting point.

If you have a specific issue like pain in your shoulder that no one can explain and the doctors say don’t involve any damage Coach Carlo can assess your situation and try to determine where you are having strength imbalances that are causing you pain.

If you just want to perform better in your sport and want to find out what your weaknesses are and how to improve them we can go through an assessment and give you vital information on how to make changes to your training to improve your performance.

After the assessment you can do personal training with us here at the gym or we can program you exercises to do on your own and give you guidance.


Let me start by saying the fitness community as a whole has done a great disservice to many people by trying to oversimplify nutrition and exercise. Calories In vs Calories Out is one example.

To be fair as our knowledge of how the body works improves we can make changes to how we coach people to better health and fitness. That brings us to Old World Strong. Using many of the mistakes Coach Carlo has made over 20+ years of coaching people he has weeded out a lot of what doesn’t work.



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