When it comes to our fitness, we all have individual goals that we’re working toward. Some of us want to lose weight. Others want to get stronger. No matter what you’re working toward, a personal trainer can help you get results.

So, what things does a good personal trainer do? Do they give you a workout that makes you sore every time? Not exactly.

Good personal trainers understand your personal fitness goals and tailor your workouts accordingly. They also provide instruction on moving safely and efficiently while tracking your progress and results.


A good personal trainer understands your goals. So, when you first start working with a personal trainer, make sure you’re communicating your goals. And don’t be shy! If you want to lose weight, put that out there. Your coach can only get the results you seek if they understand what you’re working toward.

Once you’ve communicated your goals, make sure that you update your coach on how you’re feeling. If it’s been a few weeks and things don’t seem to be headed in the right direction, share this with your personal trainer. A good personal trainer will listen, appreciate your feedback, and adjust your training plan accordingly.


Good personal trainers customize workouts to suit your personal fitness level. A good coach knows when to push you, and when to back off. Sometimes we doubt ourselves, and what we’re capable of lifting, so it’s helpful to have someone there to motivate you to push harder than you would if you were training solo. On the flip side, sometimes we need someone to hold us back. Coaches can spot the signs of overtraining and can help you back off and avoid a potential injury.


No matter how long you’ve been working out, there is always room for improvement in the way you move. With CrossFit, there are so many skills and movements to learn. And just when you think you’ve mastered a movement, a coach can introduce you to a whole new level of tweaks and adjustments that will help you move even better.


Good personal trainers are focused on getting you results. To get you these results, they should track and constantly monitor your progress.

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