Tired of dicking around at the gym?

Are you motivated to work hard and make real change?

Are you curious if our gym environment fits your personality?

Would you like to give the program a try but not be committed to it?


The Old World Strong”Try It and You’ll Like it” 2 Week Special Offer is exactly what you need.


Our Try It and You’ll Like it Special Includes:

Private Lesson


6 Group Classes


In the Private lesson with Coach Carlo you will:


  • Learn how to Keep Your low back from painfully cramping up while working out!
  • Learn proper lifting mechanics so you have a head start for your first group class!
  • Get introduced to the Sandbag!
  • Wrap the whole session up with a quick but intense workout! 


The group classes are where you get your GAINZ!


  • You’ll meet other members
  • See what the energy of the gym is like
  • Get a hell of a workout every time!


Sign up for this special offer before May 15 for just $99!

Total value of this package is over $200!

Fill out the form below to claim this offer today…Once you try it we know you will like it!!

Make a Change

Real People. Real Results.

“The members at Old World Strong are great and they’ll accept you for who you are and where you are in your training journey as part of their family. But hands down the coaches are the best. Carlo and Shonda know how to identify each member’s individual strengths and weaknesses and they work with you to reach your goals. You’ve got nothing to lost but the way you are, look, or feel right now. Stop in and try a class, I know you’ll be hooked!”

JR Poland

“For years I’ve been wanting to do CrossFit I thought I was too out of shape and did not have the time. Old World Strong easily solved both those issues! The coaches are extremely patient and personalized a workout for me that is helping me strengthen my core and increase my flexibility. Everyone at the gym is extremely supportive. There are many classes throughout the day that you can schedule via phone app, so I am able to go at different times depending on my work schedule. The best part is they found a way to make exercise fun! For the first time I actually look forward to exercising!

Update: Over the years I have tried many work out regiments and given up almost all of them after 6 months. I have stuck with Old World Strong for over 18 months and have noticed significant gains. I can now do many physical activities that I could not do in the past and my waistline has gone down significantly.

Craig Becker

“Imagine a place you could go for one hour and release all the stress of the day. A place  can laugh with friends, learn and grow as an individual, plus challenge your mind, body and perceptions. Imagine having all that plus having a list of side effects that looks like this: greater confidence in self abilities, being strong and healthy, dropping multiple clothing sizes in a matter of weeks, and feeling better than you did in your twenties. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! I found all that and more at Old World Strong. Stop making excuses like I did for way too long, no matter what your fitness level, Old World Strong is the place for you. You get amazing coaches that give you personal one on one training in a group setting where everyone around you is rooting for you to succeed.  Old World Strong is where friendships are made and a family is forged out of laughter, hard work, determination, great rewards, and lifting heavy shit!”

Lisa Marie



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